Care and Security

Care and security

At the residence Esther Blondin, we value our clients a lot. All of the care and security services we provide is the reflection of the importance we give them, and the love we have for them.

Thus, the care and safety measures have been chosen in the residents’ interest and in a well-thought-out way to make sure everyone can live safely and serenely. Because with Esther Blondin, you are so much more than a tenant; you are a member of our family.


*These services are available on demand and at your expense, except for the physician.

  • Alarm system linked to the remote monitoring center.
  • Emergency alarm in eah room and suite.
  • Elevator with an emergency phone.
  • Assigned personnel 24/7.
  • Spa, massage, hairstyling and more*.
  • Help for bathing*.
  • Chiropodist*.
  • Medications supervision*.
  • Wheelchair transportation from the room to the dining room*.
  • Close cooperation with health services and C.L.S.C.
  • Guaranteed services with physicians, pharmacy, optometrist, dentist, feet care and hearing care.*
  • Monitoring of common areas via cameras 24/7.
  • The residence can accommodate wheelchair users and has an access ramp.
  • The residence can accommodate people using walkers.
  • Our residence is fully non-smoking.
  • Handling of runaway and roaming risks.