We know just how much entertainment is beneficial to overall health and well-being, even though its benefits are often underestimated. At the Résidence Esther-Blondin, our team is extremely interested and invested in presenting an establishment where activities and moments of leisure are on the menu on a daily basis.

In the Résidence Esther-Blondin, we offer you generous cuisine and tables full of life! Delicious meals in good company are one of the pleasures we share with our residents, day after day. We offer varied and balanced menu choices, crafted by our qualified chefs, in collaboration with professional nutritionists.


Our chefs make every effort to give our residents the best, healthiest food possible. This is why it is not conceivable for them to make what could be called large-scale institutional cooking. Their goal is to recreate the homemade cooking our clients love so much.

To achieve this, they build their menus according to Canada’s Food Guide and get weekly deliveries, using local products first and foremost. Out of season, they would use frozen vegetables rather than cans.


They also make bread, pie crusts and pastries themselves. The menu is set for 4 weeks. Eggs and bacon are available every morning, snacks are always at the residents’ disposal and there’s a salad bar at night.