Rooms and Suites

Rooms and suites

Every room comes with big windows to let you enjoy natural light, and also has a full private bathroom, easily accessible with a wheelchair. By the way, every room and suite comes with an impressive number of services included in the rent:

The residence offers 52 comfortables room including 12 suites with a small living room and a mini-fridge, a big walk-in closet and a large bedroom separated by French doors. The accommodations come in four categories: small, medium, large and suite. The dimensions of the rooms go from 162 to 224 square feet for the small ones, 240 to 288 square feet for the medium, 273 to 425 square feet for the large, and between 342 and 684 square feet for the suites.

  • Electricity, heat and hot water.
  • Activities organized by the residence.
  • Access to several common areas, small lounges, multifunctional room, common laundry facility, garden, terrace.
  • Assigned personnel available 24/7 for the residents, a receptionist and more than fifteen employees whose mission is to make your life more pleasant.
  • Two emergency bells per unit (one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom).
  • A top-notch security system (sprinklers, cameras, smoke and heat detectors, etc)
  • Full-service cleaning: bathroom cleaning, bedding changing, dusting, vacuum cleaning and floor washing (for a small extra charge)

Long-term rent

For people looking for stability, this option is the best suited type of rent. As the name implies, you can rent for a long period of time, usually a year, as agreed upon during the establishment of the lease contract.

Medium-term rent

This type of contract can be very useful, especially in unplanned situations. You or one of your family members is out of the hospital and cannot get the needed care? This solution might be Esther Blondin and this kind of agreement, as it is possible to stay in our welcoming residence for the time of your convalescence.

You care for an autonomous or semi-autonomous person and you have to leave for a few days or weeks (business trip, vacation, etc)? Once again, this kind of agreement can come in handy.

We invite you to come and visit our establishment and see the numerous services we offer.

This kind of lease agreement allows you to stay for a night or two up to weeks at a time to get to know this residence and our very qualified staff so all of your questions are answered and all of your doubts are gone.


Not including nights, this type of daily service is ideal in case of an unplanned absence during the day (appointments, emergency, etc). It is also ideal for someone who wants to partake in our activities to avoid isolation.