St-Lazare retirement home – Esther Blondin

St-Lazare retirement home – Résidence Esther Blondin

Some background

Since its constuction, the magnificent building has had several uses. From 1935 to 1948, the convent has been affiliated to the Université de Montréal et taught the Lettres-Sciences course. From 1948 to 1966, the establishment became École Normale Esther-Blondin which trained female teachers to the B and C certificates. Then, in 1967, it became home for the female students level IV and V of Collège Bourget. It was the property of the Sœurs de Ste-Anne until 1994. Today, it is a residence for elderly people.

Our mission

St-Lazare retirement home – Esther Blondin’s mission is to give elderly people a homelike environment while ensuring safety and allowing them to stay autonomous. Our 52 rooms residence is located in Rigaud, with access to nearby leisure activities the municipality offers.

A few


For us, you are the priority. Because our home is yours first.

Why choose

Esther Blondin – St-Lazare retirement home

There are many reasons to choose Rigaud. First of all, this is a very, very peaceful place. Far away from the chaos and noise of the cities, without all of their worries and concerns, we can breath some pure, fresh and invigorating air. Rigaud is one of Québec’s jewels, for many reasons. This is a village with a picturesque heritage nobody can resist. A dynamic little village with a lot of well-kept treasures.

The city of Rigaud offers the possibility to learn and enjoy various activities for any age group. There is a large choice of sports, cultural activities, community activities and events. Whether you are looking for swimming, dance, taekwondo or Spanish courses or even outdoors shows, the diversity inhabitants of Rigaud can enjoy is huge.

Learn more about Rigaud

Omnipresent, the nature around Rigaud offers many activities that you will not find anywhere else.

The magnificent Mont-Rigaud, for example. It is an exceptional ski resort and more than 16km of trails specifically made for mountain biking. There is also a trail for hiking, horse riding or cross-country ski, with a length over 20km.

The Sucrerie Lavigne and the Sucrerie de La Montagne.

The Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes on the hill in Rigaud: it is a very important pilgrimage place for tourists as it offers a sensational view on the area.

The city hall and the train station in Rigaud. Two buildings in Montérégie, listed in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

Several associations and clubs: Club de marche de L’Escapade (walking), Club de motoneige Rigolo (snowmobile), Club de croquet, Club de pétanque (bocce), Club de Triathlon, to name a few.